Thank You to Elton Greathouse for a Month of Safety at Work!

Here's The Story.

“He is always the first to the task to do anything needing done. He wears all safety equipment required and then extra as he sees fits. Outstanding worker over all.”
Pam Parris, Wellborn Cabinets, Inc.

Some employees take safety to a new level, and we feel that pang of appreciation when we think of having them on our team. Then some of them just can’t be ignored. This month, we’re introducing our Safety Champion as Elton “Toby” Greathouse. He’s our teammate at Wellborn Cabinet, a leader in cabinet production in Ashland, and weve been so impressed with his work that we can’t help but present to him our monthly Safety Champion Bonus.

Get to know Elton with our Star Teammate Spotlight!

Tell us about your job!
“It is my responsibility to prep the trucks for the 1st shift and to load trucks that are at the dock doors.”

Favorite part about the job?
“The coworkers.”

How do YOU work safe?
“I always pay attention to my surroundings and wear my PPE items.”

Any words of wisdom?
“Always come to work on time and be alert. Treat all your coworkers the way you would want to be treated.

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