Madison Oliver

Here's The Story.

When Madison Oliver first joined our team, she fell right into place. Now, she’s a rising star at her new company!

After supporting herself through college with a softball scholarship and a job at a screenprinting shop, Madison Oliver jumped right into the workforce. Our TempForce team found a position for her in Pell City, and she immediately fell right into place at her new company.

According to her manager, Madison immediately showed the organization, thoroughness, and personal development that was needed for the Inspection job she was hired for. And she continued to grow.

When she started out in Quality Inspection, she was doing basic computer work. But as she started to watch the more experienced employees disassemble and work the incoming returned parts to determine what failed, and how the products could be improved, she grew more confident in her potential.

As Madison learned more about what her company did, she started to expand in her responsibilities. Now this Reliability Inspector does the analytical work behind the data she was entering, and plays a pivotal part in ensuring the quality of the products.

What’s Madison’s secret to success? “It’s okay to start from the bottom, and work your way up. You just have to keep working hard to move up.” Looks like that philosophy paid off. We are proud to say that after her proving herself well-worth a long-term position, Madison was recently hired on as a permanent employee!

Congratulations, Madison!

Madison will be considered for our Impact Award for National Staffing Employee Week 2017.

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