James Collins

Here's The Story.

“Safety should be the main objective for everybody! If you can’t work safe, you won’t work long.” Meet James Collins, our September Safety Champion!

At TempForce, we get excited when our employees love safety as much as we do. And we know it’s only September, but our Pell City team lit up like jack-o-lanterns when they heard about James Collins from our friend Melissa at Ford Meter Box.

James has been bringing a game-changing safe attitude and careful habits to work with him for over five months now, and we are proud to celebrate James as our Safety Champion for September!

James and his teammates fold, package and apply hardware to industrial grade boxes. James is all about teamwork and sees his greatest strength as supporting the team, picking up the slack wherever he needs. And that includes safety! James always makes sure there is nothing in the area that could negatively impact him or his coworkers, keeping the areas properly maintained and keeping an eye out for hazards that need fixing. It doesn’t sound like this team is one to cut corners. “You don’t gamble with safety. It affects everything you do,” he says.

Thank you to James for working hard and keeping safety in mind! One last gem of wisdom from our Safety Champion: “Safety should be the main objective for everybody! If you can’t work safe, you won’t work long.” Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

TempForce selects a Safety Champion every month to represent the best and brightest in workplace safety. Safety Champions receives a $100 Bonus, a special gift, and are featured on our social media pages. Want to nominate one of the TempForce team members at your company for this sweet award? Click here!

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