Misty Alewine

Here's The Story.

This Sewing Machine Operator has the skills, the focus, and the right attitude to turn every challenge into a success.

Our next Staffing Success Story is another Sewing Machine Operator who’s known for spreading positive vibes, and can always be found with a smile on her face. To top that off, Misty Alewine is a great sewing machine operator and responsible employee, too.

At her Anniston area company, Misty says she “does a little bit of everything.” This jack of all trades uses her industrial sewing machine skills to create a variety of industrial fabrics and products that are used for sporting events all over the country: mats, tarps, wind screens, you name it!

Her plant supervisor reports that her work is above and beyond, she will always ask if she needs any help and will always help with anything that’s asked of her.

Her job isn’t easy – she’s sometimes sewing an industrial-grade chain into hundreds of feet of heavy material.

But Misty has the right attitude to turn every challenge into a success. She pays attention, picks up on the tasks quickly, and really loves the people she works with.

Congratulations on being a Staffing Success Story, Misty, and for all of your hard work!

Misty will be considered for our Top Talent Award for National Staffing Employee Week 2017.

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