Congratulations to Anthony Farrand, Safety Champion from Pell City!

Here's The Story.

“Anthony works safely in everything he does. Wears all required PPE for the task at hand. He has been a vital asset in helping us to achieve/maintain safety regulations in our department.”

Troy Moore, Benjamin Moore & Co.

Our November Safety Champion recognition is going to a teammate who has made a big splash – pardon the pun! – at Benjamin Moore, Pell City’s famous paint producer and one of TempForce’s long-time client partners.

They make beautiful batches of paint that really awaken a dull interior design and bring the room together… but who knew the people behind the paint were just as vibrant and skilled? Anthony Farrand is one who’s stood out since he started, bringing a striking can-do attitude, pride in his work, and a great commitment to safety.

So we are super excited to celebrate Anthony as our November 2022 Safety Champion!

First off, tell me a little bit about your job – what are your day to day responsibilities?

“Working in the Mixing and Shading department, I check the batches and chemicals needed for my shift. Also, I prep any materials needed for the tasks at hand.”

Next, what’s your favorite part of your job?
“My favorite part of the job is having a finished batch. Just seeing the finished products move to the next stage makes me feel good.”

How do your work safe or keep your coworkers safe?
“I make sure to pick up any items or debris around my work area throughout my shift. I make sure to throw away items to keep the work areas free from clutter.”

Any words of wisdom for working in such a competitive, fast-paced environment?
“I would say if you have any questions, make sure to ask. Make sure you have proper training as this is helpful in becoming a successful associate.”

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