Stephie McKenzie is our Safety Champion for August 2022.

Here's The Story.

This month, our Pell City team had the pleasure of seeing one of the best teammates working on-site on the Housekeeping team at Kasai NA, Inc. Because Stephie works out in Talladega, we don’t get to talk to her much. So being able to see a great employee again, and on such good tidings, was such a treat.

Housekeeping, especially in an industrial plant, is a job that often goes unnoticed, but it’s beyond important to the manufacturing process and the overall safety of the factory. We’re excited to share our interview with Stephie McKenzie, our Safety Champion award winner for August 2022!

First off, tell me a little bit about your job – what are your day to day responsibilities?
“My day-to-day duties include housekeeping. I mop, sweep, and clean restroom areas. I also clean office areas upstairs and downstairs in the facility. I also help out cleaning the outside areas of the parking lot by picking up trash.”

What’s your favorite part of your job?
“I love my job. It is nothing that is too difficult. Everything is fairly easy and laid back.”

How do your work safe or keep your coworkers safe?
“I try to watch my steps when cleaning. I wear my proper PPE every day. I also make sure that teammates are safe by posting any signage such as wet floor signs when mopping floor areas.”

Any words of wisdom for working in such a competitive, fast-paced environment?
Give things a try, work hard at what you do, come to work every day, and get along with fellow teammates/ coworkers.

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