Churry Williams

Here's The Story.

The challenge of always working on something different is what Churry Williams loves the most about her work.

If you ask her plant supervisor, she’d say Churry Williams is very consistent – working with Churry, you always know you’re going to get her sunny disposition, great attitude, and a smile on her face. But when it comes to her job, Churry never knows what precisely what to expect.

As Churry tells it, the challenge of always working on something different is what she loves the most about her work. This Sewing Machine Operator concentrates on a lot of different projects: for her company, she helps to manufacture rail pads, football goals, tumbling mats, and more.

It’s a far cry from home sewing machine operation. Sewing these large-scale, heavy-duty sporting goods together is tough industrial work. And Churry works hard to sew them to perfection, and work against the clock to get it all produced on time.

She’s always at work, always on time, and she’s an all-around great employee.

Thank you for standing out as one of our Staffing Success Stories, Churry! We look forward to seeing more great work from you.

Churry will be considered for our Top Talent Award for National Staffing Employee Week 2017.

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