Celebrate with Kimberlea Gibbs from IAC!


Here's The Story.

“She always follows the safety rules and wears her Personal Protective Equipment.”
Alan Williams, International Automotive Components

We are pleased to announce Kimberlea Gibbs, our teammate at IAC, as one of our first two Safety Champions of 2022!

International Automotive Components is a stronghold in Anniston’s growing automotive parts production industry. For months, Kimberlea has been helping our team there manufacture molded car parts, and putting in a great effort at work. While her company strives for the highest quality, they’re also committed to the highest levels of safety in their industrial setting.

In her time on the TempForce team, Kimberlea truly set the standard. This month, we celebrate Kim and all her hard work keeping her team safe!

We’re putting the spotlight on Kim this month with a Safe Teammate Spotlight!

What are some ways you practice safety at work?
“Make sure you’re not in the way of the forklift, look both ways, make sure there’s nothing coming before walking around. Be aware of your surroundings. Keep fingers out of the way of the stapler, too!”

Any words of wisdom for other employees?
“Be very safe. Awareness of your surroundings is key!

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