Congratulations to Jon Wilbanks on a Full-Time Job and a Safety Award!


Here's The Story.

“Always a compliant and productive worker!”
Alan Williams, IAC Group

It’s always a special moment when we plan to award one of our teammates with Safety Recognition, and end up saying “Congratulations on the New Job!”

This week, we’re celebrating Jon Wilbanks, our (former) teammate at International Automotive Components, as our monthly Safety Champion. But we were pleased to find, when we called him up, that Jon was also starting a PERMANENT job at our partner company.

It’s hard to see such a stellar employee go, but we couldn’t be more excited for Jon and his future career path. Here’s a spotlight on our latest Safety Champ.

First off, tell me a little bit about your job – what are your day to day responsibilities?
“I work 3rd Shift, it’s okay. We run assembly between table, knockout or clamps or tissin. Tissin’s where we make [the products], then we go through the clamp, foam it, then it goes to the water jet, then to the knockout table. Knockout table goes to the assembly table, then to the racks.”

What’s your favorite part of your job?
“Mainly the people, working with these people. But as far as the job goes, either running clamps or the assembly tables.”

How do your work safe or keep your coworkers safe?
“Like the only thing you can do, watch out for yourself, watch out for others.”

Any words of wisdom for working in such a competitive, fast-paced environment?
“A lot of people go for impressing when you first get there. And that’s what I went for; they told me to just go at my own pace. So what helped me is, I watched other people and I based my speed off of them. But if you can’t do that, just go at your own speed, and as long as you can keep up, it doesn’t matter.”

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