Celebrate Safety with Scottie Parker, our October Safety Champion!

Here's The Story.

“I would like to nominate Scottie Parker as the safety champion for this month. He has a great work ethic and a drive to learn the job. He follows all safety protocols and is doing a great job here.”
Justin Shinn, Order-Production Coordinator/CAD/Safety Specialist at Aer-Flo Sports

Scottie Parker started recently at Aer-Flo Sports in Anniston, and has been rocking it in the digital welding department as he helps the team prepare vinyl for their sporting products. We’re excited to reward Scottie with our monthly Safety Champion Bonus!

Get to know Scottie with our Star Teammate Spotlight.

Tell us about your job!
“I’m in Digital Weld. We pretty much material is printed, and we measure the material, cut it down to size, and get it to the next location.

Favorite part about the job?
“I like the teamwork that we have. We kind of have to work as a team when we do the welding part, so I like that part.

How do YOU work safe?
“We watch one another, and I always stretch before starting everything. We make sure nobody’s horse playing too much. We look out for each other.”

Any words of wisdom?
“Keep your focus on the job, as opposed to getting your mind somewhere else. Try to stay focused on what you’re doing, no distractions.

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