Meet Carlos Turner, our Monthly Safety Champion.

Here's The Story.

“Carlos consistently follows all safety protocol in shipping and helps ensure his coworkers follow them as well. This includes LOTO of trailers, wearing his high-vis vest, and being aware of pedestrians and obstacles in the shipping area. Working safety but efficiently in shipping is a challenge due to time constraints but Carlos always gets the job done without incident.”
Matt Guy, MPL Manager at Nemak of Alabama

This month, TempForce’s Safety Champion Bonus goes to a teammate who you can count on… to work hard, always try his best, and NEVER stop improving. We’re awarding Carlos Turner for his cautious work practices while working for TempForce at Nemak of Alabama in Sylacauga.

Get to know Carlos with our Star Teammate Spotlight!

Tell us about your job!
“My daily responsibilities include loading and unloading trucks, banding pallets, checking the truck drivers’ paperwork, and sending out emails.”

Favorite part about the job?
“Favorite part of my job is working with my co-workers and my boss!”

How do YOU work safe?
“I always wear my PPE and follow all safety rules.”

Any words of wisdom?
“Always work safely for each other and always give your best at whatever you do!

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