Congratulations to Tristan Easterwood, Safety Champion Award Winner!

Here's The Story.

“He comes in on time. He is helpful and is always willing to learn. He has helped other departments out on multiple occasions. He wears his safety glasses and his mask and follows all of our safety protocols. He is a fast learner and is a valuable member of our team.”
Justin Shinn, Tristan’s Supervisor at Aer-Flo

This month, our Safety Champion Bonus goes to Tristan Easterwood from Aer-Flo in Anniston! So many reasons we love working with Tristan, from his hardworking attitude to his punctuality.

Get to know Tristan with our Star Teammate Spotlight!

Tell us about your job!
“I build wall pads, or pallets if they need them. Just simple stuff, really.”

Favorite part about the job?
“Probably building the stadium pads.”

How do YOU work safe?
“Wear a mask, wear gloves. That way, you don’t get splinters and stuff.”

Any words of wisdom?
“Just do your job. That’s it.”

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