Jacob Sprayberry

Here's The Story.

Jacob Sprayberry is our Safety Champion Success Story of 2019!

“He’s one of the best machine operators. Eight out of Five Stars.” Well, we can’t argue with that. That’s how our friend Gerry at Kobay South describes his machine operator, Jacob Sprayberry.

Jacob’s a full-time team member at Kobay now, but he started out on the TempForce team. After proving himself with phenomenal on-the-job performance, a memorable sense of humor and bringing a honed safety skillset to the worksite, he started a permanent position. And when we opened up our nominations to include employees who have rolled over, Jacob’s name came up immediately.

Jacob’s description of his job is a little more humble. “I basically sling parts all day. I started out as an Operator, and then I went to Quality, and then back to being an Operator, because I liked it better. The best part is definitely the people I work with.”

His safety secret? Is that it’s hardly a secret. “Safety glasses and gloves. Always wear ‘em. Best safety advice I can give.” 

Congratulations, Jacob! Proud of your accomplishments this year!

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