Tierra Calhoun

Here's The Story.

Meet Tierra! Tierra Calhoun does a fantastic job for us at Verst Logistics. She makes her workplace a safer place and brings a truly unique laser-sharp focus to work with her.

For those who have never worked inside the Honda plant, it’s hard to explain how large-scale and fast-paced it is. Not to mention, it’s vital to stay safety-conscious when there are tuggers, forklifts, and workers on foot everywhere. It takes a special commitment to safety to handle that sort of traffic.

How does Tierra keep the company going? “I ensure the line doesn’t get shut down. Everybody is responsible for their own part to keep everything moving.”

As Tierra tells it, “I like everything I do.” But getting up to speed and into a groove is a challenge for everyone.

“I was running and rushing to keep up with the line before. I hate getting behind. Now that I am more comfortable with the job, I can do everything at my own pace and still be on time. I don’t have to stress about the line shutting down. I know how to manage time better.”

Her supervisor, Jennifer, tells us that Tierra goes above and beyond when it comes to safety. “She follows all safety rules and procedures and helps new associates by setting an example. She is an amazing addition to our team!”

We always ask our Safety Champs what their secret to success is, especially when it comes to safety. “It’s all about being focused and paying attention. Don’t be in a hurry. Just do what you need to do, and don’t get distracted. You have to watch out for other people. They may not see me, but I’ll see them.”

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