Justin Bennett

Portrait of Justin Bennett, Safety Champion

Here's The Story.

Justin Bennett is, in every sense of the word, an excellent teammate. He’s someone we can count on. This month, we’re doing more than counting on him. We’re celebrating Justin for all the ways he strengthens his team!

Justin works for us at Wellborn Cabinet as a sander. He brings wood surfaces to show-room quality and devotes himself to making sure each and every one is fit to be a Wellborn Cabinet.

This month, we’re celebrating Justin as our TempForce Safety Champion. His commitment to his work and efficiency speak for themselves. But we wanted to go chat with Justin to find out what makes a Safety Champion tick.

“My favorite part is probably the people. I’ve worked at places where people don’t pay you any mind. This is probably the first place where they seem to care about you. Say hello when they’re walking by.”

Justin also filled us in on the extra things he does to keep the workplace safe.

“Keeping it clean, and things out of the way. I try to make sure there’s never a piece sticking out into the aisle. Move it, so no one hurts themselves.”

In a high-traffic area, through the loud whirring and scraping of sanders and the clouds of dust, we’re glad we have someone as responsible and caring as Justin on our team.

 “He does a great job,” Wellborn tells us. We couldn’t agree more! Congratulations to Justin Bennett, and thank you for all you do!

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