Kaye Crider

Portrait of Kaye Crider, Safety Champion

Here's The Story.

We’re celebrating Kaye Crider as this month’s Safety Champion!

How does a company like Parker Hannifin keep all their employees safe and sound?

It’s not complicated. But it takes effort from everyone. Safety isn’t just a word there. It’s not something that starts and ends on the production floor. A culture of safety exists on every level and emanates from every part of their organization; not just on the floor, but in the office, too.

And they rely on attentive teammates like Kaye Crider, Human Resources Assistant, to make sure safety is at the fore of everything they do.

This month, we’re featuring Kaye as one of TempForce’s May Safety Champions! HR Manager Cayce nominated Kaye for our monthly safety bonus right before bringing her on as a permanent employee.

An administrative employee? Safety Champ? It wasn’t typical, but when we heard what Cayce had to say about all that Kaye does, we have to admit we were impressed by how her actions made a safer, more secure workplace. Every team member can truly live safety, no matter their role!

“She never fails to report a near miss and is responsible for issuing PPE to all visitors and employees. Kaye also coordinates any incidents with OHC and works closely with the employees. She follows up, and lives Safety.”

Kaye makes sure everyone who gets close to the dangers of the production floor is equipped with the right PPE, even arranging with optometrists to supply safe prescription lenses. She takes special care to keep each employee’s records accurate and confidential.

Cayce gets the last word: “Kaye goes above and beyond to work in a safe manner and ensure others are working safely.”

We’re excited to share another TempForce Success Story with y’all! We congratulate this Safety Champion on her new career!

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