James Gilliland

Here's The Story.

Congratulations to James Gilliland, our second Safety Champion for December and our final award recipient of 2019!

Every month, we ask our customers which employees are adding value to their workplace and and how they’re making safety a main concern.

Rob Ferrebee at Royal Foods told us about James Gilliland. He told us how James impressed him with his safe practices on the saw. James is always double checking his safety procedures and operating the saw in a safe, steady, yet productive manner.

So we went to meet James at Royal Foods, where he told us about his job and his progress.

“I cut on a band saw. Neck bones, turkey wings, things like that. How have I grown? Well, you’re always learning, and always kind of honing your skills, but that meat pretty much stays the same.”

The job is consistent, and it’s consistently a job with some safety risks. These teammates work pretty close to a blade. It’s a given that safety would be a factor in a job like this, and James lets us know that paying attention to safety is as important as it seems.

“Oh, definitely. I mean, it’s a band saw. I just always pay attention to what I’m doing.”

James takes the safety procedures at Royal Foods seriously. A culture of safety really does start with everyone, every teammate out there on the floor. We feel pretty blessed to have one like James on our team.

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