Congratulations to our Safety Bonus Winner, Maria Jorlen Linares!

Here's The Story.

“Maria has kept our environment cleaner and safer from hazards while performing her job duties. Maria has made our environment so much better not in just a physical safety way, by all the work she does each day, but also the smile on her face whenever she greets you.”

So says the leadership team at Wellborn Cabinet, who helped us recognize Maria Jorlen Linares as our Safety Champion Bonus Winner this month. Get to know Maria in our Spotlight!

First off, tell me a little bit about your job – what are your day to day responsibilities?
“I help clean the plant. Make sure everything is wiped down.”

How do you work safe or keep your coworkers safe?
“ I always use my signs when I’m cleaning or mopping to make sure no one slips and I sanitize everything really good.”

What’s your favorite part of your job?
”Leaving work feeling accomplished that I did my job!”

Any words of wisdom for other teammates trying to be as successful as you’ve been?
”Come to work every day and work hard. Good things come to those who do that.”

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