We’re thrilled to introduce Monalita Borden, the latest winner of TempForce’s Safety Champion Award!

Here's The Story.

Mona has been with our team at Parker in Sylacauga for at least six months, and has been noticed plenty of times for stand-alone work performance and careful habits. Her supervisor, Gussie, tells us: “Mona has always been very cautious when it comes to being safe. She has always worn her safety PPE. Mona keeps her area clean and  there is nothing ever laying in  the floor that would be a trip hazard.”

Get to know Mona with our Star Teammate Spotlight!

Tell us about your job!
“I’m on the FBL line, where I do the packing on the boxes. I make sure they don’t have mistakes on them or bad parts.”

Favorite part about the job?
“Well, just being out there and working with the guys I work with, they’re real friendly and easy to get along with!”

How do YOU work safe?
“I make sure there isn’t nothing on the floor that anyone could trip over, everything’s in place instead of out of place.”

Any words of wisdom?
“Just come in and do your job, everything you’re supposed to the way you’re supposed to do it!”

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