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Chase Lackey

“I like the people here. And no matter what the job is or if it gets boring, I stay in a good mood. If you have inner peace, everything else is just circumstance... that’s not my attitude. It’s His.”

Chase Lackey TempForce Safety Champion

Dependable. A true leader. The kind of guy with a spirit that could completely transform your day from hum-drum to uplifted. That’s how we would describe Chase Lackey. He's also this month’s spotlight employee and Safety Champion!

Hailing from our Pell City Branch, his team at Andritz was quick to sing his praises. “Chase is always alert to his surroundings pertaining to safety. He is very safety-conscious and that is very important to us here at Andritz.”

“My advice? I always follow directions. Most companies already have a safety plan in place, and it’s just a matter of following directions. It’s not real difficult: I wear my safety glasses because I like to keep my eyes. I deal with a lot of heavy stuff and I handle it how I'm supposed to.”

Might be a no-brainer in theory, but bringing his outlook to work every day takes commitment, and it's why we're so proud to have him on our team. Congratulations, Chase! #ChampionOfSafety #SafetyFirstSecondAndThird