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Antonio Reese

We’re excited to introduce you to TempForce’s first Safety Champion for the month of May, Antonio Reese!

Antonio TempForce Safety Winner

Antonio is our employee at JRBC Packaging Solutions in Pell City, and he’s not only an exemplary team member. He’s also, as JRBC President Renee tells it, a leader when it comes to safe workplace practices. It goes way beyond always making sure he has on his PPE: “He is alert. Pays attention to details. Keeps his work area clean. Looks out for others.”

We paid a visit to JRBC to learn how it's done. “I work in logistics, and fixing parts, and I’ve been learning more. It’s been a learning experience. I finally learned what the word logistics means,” he tells us with a laugh. “My favorite part about going to work is the people here. They make you want to get up and come to work. The most challenging part is probably handling power tools - not just handling them, but handling them in the PROPER way. With some of these tools, you either handle them, or they handle you.”

In fact, one of his secrets to safety is doing everything in the proper way. “Certain things, they look easy until you get around to doing it, then you see what it’s really like. So you have to pay attention.”

Antonio is our go-to guy, always ready to lend a hand to his supervisors or his teammates. We’re grateful to have people like Antonio on our team, to keep safety at the forefront. And we’re excited to see his career blossom. Congratulations, Antonio!