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Josh Thompson

When you ask someone about their job and they start with, “I love it,” you know you have a keeper.

When we asked our team member and March Safety Champion, Josh Thompson, to tell us about his job, he goes on: “I love it. I’m a grinder. I guess I make things look decent before they get shipped out or painted.” For Josh, the best part of his job is being able to actually enjoy going to work. “People think holding a grinder all day can’t be enjoyable, but it’s actually pretty fun.”

This week, we’re asking our customers which who they want to feature as our April Safety Champ! But first, we’re looking back at our most recent winner. For about 6 months, Josh has worked for a leading Pell City manufacturer to help them finish the heavy-duty equipment they build for the water industry. Our friend at Ford Meter Box, Melissa, is consistently complimentary of Josh’s attitude and performance, and his approach to safety. Josh’s advice on safe work habits can be put into use by anyone, not just Grinders. “I keep up safety equipment, clean shields, clean safety glasses… check the tools on a regular basis to make sure they’re good to use.”

Thank you to Josh for making your job look easy and making the safety culture at your workplace! Our team appreciates the work you put in!