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Barbara Huntley

This December, Barbara Huntley made us proud and took home our Safety Champion Award. Here's how she did it!

Looking back today, one of our favorite things about 2018 was starting our Safety Champion Program. We got to stop and take notice of the incredible work that our team members do, and shine the spotlight on their accomplishments.

Our teammates deserve props for everything from perfect attendance to peak performance, but there’s one characteristic that stands above the rest for us: taking safety seriously!

So for our last Safety Winner of 2018, we went with a nominee who our friends over at Parker-Velcon Filtration Division were especially enthusiastic about. Congratulations to Barbara Huntley, who took home our December Safety Champion Award! You make us proud, Barbara!

As she operates and oversees her machine, safety is always on Barbara’s mind. Her supervisor starts out by bragging, “there has never been a time that I have seen her not wearing her PPE.”

“She is a hard worker and she stays on task… she is very conscientious of what she is doing and she is just a safe, driven person.”

When we asked Barbara about her safety success, she tells us about some of the extra care she takes at work. She always walks between the yellow lines that demarcate the designated safe areas; when she steps up onto equipment, she holds on and takes care; and she takes advantage of the more experienced coworkers to help her figure out the best way to handle a task.

Thank you to Barbara and all our Safe workers for a wonderful year! Watch out! In 2019, we're rewarding more employees!