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Kelvin Wallace

“A model employee on safety and what we strive for in our employees.”

Kelvin Wallace joined the TempForce team this year, and he’s been making an impact as a safe worker at Nemak Alabama, one of Sylacauga’s leading manufacturers. 

Kelvin helps his company by ensuring the parts they make are perfect: high quality, properly manufactured, everything in the right place. Focus and careful attention are a big part of his job. That same mindful attitude comes in handy when it comes to working safely.

Kelvin’s Shift Superintendent, Brandon Castleberry, was quick to praise Kelvin’s efforts to always work safely, even as his responsibilities at work change and grow. Not only does Kelvin always wear the proper PPE without reminder, but he always follows Lock Out Tag Out procedures when leaving his machine, and always thinks before completing any task.

Brandon remarks, “to me, [he] is a model employee on safety, and is what we strive for in our employees.”

To Kelvin, safety means being aware of your surroundings, especially the people around you. “You come to work with all your body parts, and want to leave the same way. And you have other people who work around you, and they want the same thing. You have to stay focused on those people, and make sure what you’re doing is not harming anyone.”

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