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Stedman Orr

"Always Aware" is a phrase they use at Stedman's company, and Stedman has made it a big part of his work ethic!

“With many different moving parts to our production facility, Safety is, and must always be the top priority on our floor.” Production Superintendent, David Van Vorst, has seen many Team Members come and go. Attention to safety is one trait that sets an employee apart, and it’s also one that’s key to success at MasterBrand.

So it’s no surprise that our October Safety Champion, Stedman Orr, caught the attention of his supervisors.

“Stedman Orr has done a great job with his new assignment here and sets a good safety example for other team members to follow,” says David. Stedman says his favorite part of the job is getting to stay active, and helping his teammates work safely.

Stedman always watches his surroundings for forklifts and other threats, and answers questions from newer team members so they understand what’s happening around them on the worksite. He’s even been spotted reminded his coworkers to wear their Personal Protective Equipment.

A phrase that they use at MasterBrand is “Always Aware.” According to Mr. Van Vorst, “Stedman has made this part of his work ethic. His contribution to MasterBrand brings great credit to himself and to TempForce. And we are grateful.”

Congratulations to Stedman Orr, TempForce Safety Champion!

TempForce selects a Safety Champion every month to represent the best and brightest in workplace safety. Safety Champions receives a $100 Bonus, a special gift, and are featured on our social media pages. Want to nominate one of the TempForce team members at your company for this sweet award? Click here!