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Adam Shepherd

“If we could clone him, we would.” That’s pretty high praise for any employee, but Adam Shepherd isn’t just any employee!

This Forklift Operator started working with a new packaging manufacturer about four years ago, when they first began operations in Pell City. He moved out of state for a few years, and when he moved back, the same company was eager to have him return. They asked TempForce to bring him in and set him up to start working on their team again.

They couldn’t be more thrilled to have him back!

As for his daily duties, Adam touches everything that comes in and goes out of the plant. He loads and unloads packages, keeps the shop clean and in working order, and takes on the responsibility of making sure everything is stored and shipped in the right way.

It’s fast-paced work, and he likes that – there’s no sitting back and relaxing. His company believes his attitude is contagious: “he’s a hard worker, and he keeps others going as well.” The co-workers who look to him for direction will find a great example: over time, he’s learned to do “just about anything in this place. I like to believe I’m the best temp we got.”

He never misses a day, and he’s known for his dependability. That’s part of Adam’s advice for working people today: just show up, and work the hardest of anybody there. “If you’re working hard, people will notice.”

We certainly have! Thank you to Adam for doing an exceptional job, every day.

Adam will be considered for our Top Talent Award for National Staffing Employee Week 2017.