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Cassidy Dover

With this job, Cassidy Dover feels like she's right where she's supposed to be. We couldn't agree more!

Cassidy Dover is an all-around outstanding employee. Just ask her supervisor at the industrial company where she works. They’ll tell you she’s special, that she fits right into their little family, and that she works hard to do whatever is asked of her. They might even tell you she’s their “princess!"

Cassidy works as the part-time clerical assistant and receptionist, and she does a little of everything. And we mean everything.

Though she started out filing, nowadays she can be found all over the plant. She may be putting in work orders from customers and communicating with the shop about what they need to work on; she may be handling paperwork and invoicing; or she may even be setting up shipping and trucks for finished products.

This hardworking admin is a great asset to her team, and she enjoys working with them and learning from them, too! “This is basically the first job I actually really love going to work,” she admits.

Though Cassidy is only part-time, she’s ready to do anything needed for the company. “If I’m asked to do something, I’m on it, to the best of my ability. If she needs me all day, I stay all day.” Her company agrees. Regardless of her hours, she’s willing to do whatever necessary to meet their needs. “She does whatever is asked of her, without any hesitation whatsoever.”

This persistence and commitment is what kept her going during a trying job search, too. Her advice for the other job seekers? “Be patient, everything will work out. I feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be.”

We would have to agree!

Cassidy will be considered for our Top Talent Award for National Staffing Employee Week 2017.