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Michelle Wise

Michelle Wise is a former temporary employee who has gone on to serve an integral administrative role at this Anniston area company!

When we visited Michelle Wise at her company after she was hired as a permanent employee, Hurricane Irma had just passed. With the headquarters in Florida, this manufacturing company was preparing to go back online and to catch up with their orders, after a very trying couple days.

And with Administrative Assistant Michelle lending a hand, they were ready to take care of business.

Earlier this year, Michelle was a recent JSU graduate starting a temporary job at an Anniston manufacturer of sporting goods, nets and tarps. She was coming in as a clerk, expecting to take care of data entry, monitor inventory, and the like.

After 4 months of outstanding work as a TempForce team member, Michelle was taken on as a permanent employee, and is now responsible for creating all the facility’s work orders, so they can communicate to the manufacturing floor exactly what needs to be produced.

According to her supervisor, Michelle is thorough, detailed, and careful. To get the work orders just right, she has to have a complete understanding of the products and make sure all the details are spot-on. Somewhere between raw materials and satisfied customers, Michelle plays an integral part in the production process.

When asked what she excels at, Michelle jokes, “I’m like Speedy Gonzalez on the keyboard,” but beyond her fast-paced nature, she’s also precise, she buckles down to get things done, and works meticulously when it gets down to the nitty gritty.

We want to say THANK YOU to Michelle for her hard work! Congratulations on your permanent job, and we wish you lots more success!


Michelle will be considered for our Impact Award for National Staffing Employee Week 2017.