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Mark Little

Mark Little has grown from a temporary worker building cabinets on the production line, to leading the Off-Line team. Here's his story!

At the beginning of the shift, Mark Little gathers his team to prepare for the day. Two years ago he was one of them, but now Mark has worked his way up to a leadership role at his Talladega area cabinet manufacturing company.

Mark started out with TempForce almost two years ago as a builder making kitchen cabinets, and six months later he left the TempForce team to join their permanent workforce.

It’s a good thing that Mark is such a fast learner. It came in handy when the new employee was awarded a new position as a Plant Floater. Over time, he trained on an array of jobs all over the plant, learning the production processes for almost all of the company’s different cabinets.

Nowadays, Mark puts his expertise to use as the Off-Line Lead, where his team works together like a family – they start the day together to better focus on the goals ahead, Mark works closely with them to keep everyone on task. He keeps his team well-rounded and ready to fill into a different task in case of an absence, and he makes sure they’re communicating effectively.

Maybe that’s how his team keeps such a low count for waste materials and bad cabinets. Management notices, too. As the 2nd Shift Plant Supervisor, Mike, tells it, Mark works very hard to produce a high quality cabinet, and he makes safety a priority for his team, too!

This born leader has one more piece of advice for working people today: Come into your job with a blank mind… not an attitude. Let going to work be part of your day, rather than fighting it or always checking the clock.

Congratulations on your accomplishments, Mark, and we wish you lots more success with an awesome company!

Mark will be considered for our Impact Award for National Staffing Employee Week 2017.