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Speed Pitts

Speed Pitts is not only a valuable member of our TempForce Team... he's also a Safety Leader at his company!

Speed Pitts is a team member who makes a difference! The company where Speed works is so pleased with his safe work habits, they nominated him for a Safety Leader Award.

Here's what his company has to say:

Speed has worked with us for over a year without a single work-related injury. He cares for our test chickens and turkeys as well as warehouse and packaging. He handles pallet jacks, yard machines, feed sacks, etc.

Speed has been safety trained by our staff to work with each piece of equipment and routinely wears his personal protective gear when operating equipment or working with animals.

He attends our weekly safety meetings and shows by example that good safety practices are contagious.

Wow! We thank Speed for his hard work over the past year, and for always working safely. Speed and the rest of our nominees who were recognized as Safety Leaders for Safe+Sound Week 2017 will be entered into our June 16th Drawing for our $250 Safety Bonus.