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Jesse Macon

Meet Jesse Macon! In 2013, Jesse was referred to TempForce by a friend. We matched her with a position as a Line Packer, helping to produce, wrap and package some of the South’s best-loved packaged meat products. In just 3 years, her job would expand far beyond line work.

After just two months on the line, she embarked on a permanent career at the plant. She grew in confidence and quickly became a Line Leader, guiding her production team.

In the next year, Jesse’s superiors saw something in her. The company decided to take the chance that she would bring the same hard work and diligence to the behind-the-scenes support work, that she had to the manufacturing work she had already mastered. They tried her in the office, and she succeeded with every administrative task they added. That’s a proud moment!

Now Jesse has an integral administrative role: she manages inventory, ensures order completion, Food Safety & Inspection paperwork, etc., etc.! But her supervisor agrees, part of what makes her such a valuable asset is her versatility. She can still jump on the line to make sure orders are being made correctly!

She loves working with the people, and says one of her greatest strengths is having put in the work to know everyone and most everything that has to get done to keep the company going. And she's one person they can always depend on to help get it done.


We're proud of Jesse for turning a temporary assignment into so much more! She will be considered for our Impact Award, TempForce's award for a previous employee who has made a significant impact at the company where we placed them. Check the TempForce Facebook page on Friday at NOON, to see the winners!