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Justin Jennings

Meet Justin Jennings! For a year, Justin has led his team with Safe Work Habits!

Justin has put in a year of dedicated service to TempForce! Since starting his assignment at one of our region's best-known warehousing companies, Justin has become a team leader.

He is in charge of making sure all employees in his department follow all safety guidelines, in addition to overseeing daily duties and productivity.

Justin has exhibited many safety traits while working with and around Forklifts and other heavy equipment!

Each shift, he fills out all OSHA-required Forklift paperwork every shift. He uses headlights while using trailers, and always turns headlights off while in the aisles. He honks the horn when required, and he ALWAYS wears his seatbelt.

Justin not only shows leadership in safety... his supervisor also reports that he leads by example with an excellent attendance record.

We want to say thank you to Justin Jennings for his Safety Stewardship! In addition to being recognized with a Safety Leader Award, Justin will be entered in our Safe+Sound Week Drawing for a $250 Safety Bonus!