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Jamarkus Hodges

This Forklift Driver has spent the last month and a half acheiving personal safety goals!

Jamarkus Hodges is one of our Forklift Operators, working at a wellestablished manufacturer in Sylacauga.

He has already received several reports of a fantastic attitude, and always working safely. His Supervisor reports that "Jamarkus always puts safety first! When he is on his Forklift, he is always aware of his surroundings, and just does the right thing."

Whether it's making sure to wear the right Personal Protective Equipment, using his equipment properly, or blowing the horn to announce his presence, it seems Safety is always on Jamarkus's mind.

And he takes all of his On-Site Representative's Training to heart. He says: "A Clean Work Space is a SAFE Work Space. That's what Ms. Mickey has told us!"

We are happy to announce that for Safe+Sound Week, Jamarkus is being recognized as one of our Safety Leader Award recipients. He will also have a chance at our $250 Bonus on Friday, June 12th!