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Jarid Underwood

Meet Jarid Underwood, valued TempForce team member and Safety Leader!

Jarid Underwood isn't just a great employee with over a year of TempForce service behind him. He's also a valuable Safety Leader at his Pell City pulp manufacturing company.

Jarid works in the shop area, and is always spotted with his safety glasses on while performing his work duties.

Recently, Jarid took safety to the next level by helping with a solution to a safety issue. His company put a new emphasis on encouraging employees to use the man door instead of walking through their open bay doors. Jarid painted footprints to help direct foot traffic towards using the man door.

We're celebrating Jarid Underwood as one of our Safety Leaders this Safe+Sound Week! This Friday, June 16th, Jarid will join the other nominees in a drawing for a $250 Safety Bonus!