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Eric Smith

Meet Eric Smith! Recently we placed William “Eric” Smith in a welding position at a fabrication and machining company in Talladega County. After just a few months, it’s becoming clear that this promising addition could be a great fit to help the company expand its operations!

Eric comes to fabrication from a background in Maintenance. He’s taking on a different position, but it’s the trade knowledge he gained from careers in Maintenance that has made him indispensable to his team.

Eric has the know-how to figure out the best way to get the job done. His expertise with different machines comes in handy at a company that takes on all kinds of customized fabrication projects. With his team, Eric manufactures everything from large-scale pumps, to small structural work… anything in the metal field, made for any type of consumer.

When it comes to work, his philosophy is: take it one job at a time. That’s the kind of focus he brings to each specialized project.

When your new job gives you the chance to show off your chops and beef up on new skills, you know you’re in the right place. He may know his way around a shop, but Eric isn’t finished building his toolset: he says at this company, he’s enjoying the challenge of becoming more expert at finishing on machine work. He’s learning more about precision work and tight tolerances, the kind of shop work that can really “wow” the end customer.

Eric was taken on as a permanent employee in just a month, and he’s already being considered to help the company expand. They’re thinking a new line, new employees, more projects… and Eric is looking forward to growing with them!


Eric is eligible for the Top Talent of 2016 Award, awarded on Friday, September 23rd, on our Facebook page, in celebration of Staffing Employee Week 2016!