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Miranda York

Meet Miranda York! With a background in Management and the National Guard and an unparalleled work ethic, Miranda is a born leader, and the perfect match for the Supervisor role she’s grown into this year.

Miranda started out as a Quality Inspector for a Pell City-based company that contracts their Quality Assurance services to auto production plants in our area. She soon was offered a permanent position, then rose the ranks to Team Leader, and then Supervisor.

Already, Miranda is responsible for a variety of vital duties. She handles day-to-day manpower, working with lots of employees and as many shift schedules. She manages projects from beginning to end. She acts as a customer liaison, discussing her company’s service with clients. And she even communicates with the project engineers at the production company they contract with, to organize sorts of their products and ensure they put out quality products in a reasonable amount of time.

Knowing how to work with all kinds of people gives her an edge, too. As a Trainer for the National Guard, she met people from all over, with eclectic backgrounds. This industrial workplace can be like that, too: since many of the positions are entry-level, she supervises people from all different backgrounds, and knows how to lead them and motivate them as individuals to the team’s success.

But no matter what she’s doing, Miranda says her commitment to the job at hand is what makes her succeed. Whatever job is in front of her, she treats it like her baby, treating it with importance and doing it to the best of her ability… even if it’s only temporary.

Miranda says, even if she’s not going to be there permanently, she will make sure everything is running smoothly, so the next person doesn’t walk into a mess.

That sort of dedication could turn practically any temporary job into a permanent one. With her hard work, professionalism, and acute understanding of what needs to be done, we’re sure Miranda will go far in this career!

TempForce is proud to call Miranda a Staffing Success Story, and nominate her for our Top Talent of 2016, and our Impact Award.