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Donald Thompson

Meet Donald Thompson. Donald’s a great example of taking a chance on a temporary position after succeeding in a long, stable career. He has been able to bring his consistent work ethic to the job, and he’s grown, too, learning a new trade and becoming confident in it!

Donald started with TempForce early in 2016 as a Warehouse Associate at a nationally renowned paint production company with a location in Pell City. He came from a background driving trucks, and heavy machinery, working dependably for decades at a time.

We placed Donald with a position in the warehouse, picking orders of paint and loading out entire transport trucks with his team. When he started, Donald admits that he wasn’t so sure of himself. Everything was completely new to him, but he opened himself up to learning every trick of the trade. It wasn’t too long before he picked it up and ran with it, growing in confidence. Now, as Donald says, he’s “slinging paint with the best of ‘em.”

Now, Donald most looks forward to working with his team: everyone works with, not against, each other. Donald says he owes a lot to the guys he works with, and to his bosses, for building him up in the new role and helping him learn the ropes.

The company says, you can tell Donald has an incredible work ethic. He’s there every day, he’s committed to the work he does, he’s focused, and he’s consistent – even consistent in his steady growth as an employee.

When TempForce went to meet Donald for his Staffing Success Story, he had an exciting announcement: his persistence and thriving self-assurance had paid off. He was being taken on as the company’s newest permanent employee on the same day! We’re proud to see him go.

Donald is being considered for our Top Talent of 2016 Award. We’ll be announcing the winners on our Facebook page on Friday!