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Carissa Hudson

Meet Carissa Hudson! Carissa started with TempForce in February as the part-time Medical Billing Clerk, offering customer service and office expertise to the clients of an Anniston medical supplies provider. By Summer, she had made a great impression that earned her a permanent position!

Carissa was brought on to help the team handle payments, and act as a customer liaison, going between the facility’s customers and the insurance companies to communicate about payment options for the business’s medical equipment.

She keeps the administrative side of the business going with efficiency and organization. Coming from a background in customer service, Carissa has found great use in her experience with professional communication, but she’s also adapted to the medical side of things and has proven to be a great addition to the team!

One of Carissa’s greatest strengths is simply liking what she does, and enjoying the people she works with.

She’s been a great fit for the company, who brought her on as a permanent employee in June, and this week nominated Carissa for our Top Talent of 2016 Award!