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Brandon Parker

Meet Brandon Parker! Brandon’s auto parts production company has been so impressed with him, that not only did they offer Brandon a Full-Time job at the company after just one month, but the plant’s HR Manager nominated him for our Top Talent of 2016 Award.

Brandon worked for years at a Goodyear plant doing maintenance, and was seeking out another industrial career. We matched him with a position as a General Laborer with an excellent international auto parts producer.

He joined the team and started out helping to assemble auto body parts, learning the ropes right away. His company says he quickly became their “Go-To Guy” in his department. He’s always eager to learn new building processes, and has the enthusiasm and focus to absorb any new technique they throw at him – and quickly, too! Brandon says he’s enjoying learning the different parts made in various sections of the plant.

According to Brandon, his greatest strength is that he gets along with everyone he works with, and genuinely enjoys the people he works with. Maybe that’s why, as his HR Manager says, he’s always at work and always on time.

We’ll give the company the last word: “Thanks to Brandon for his hard work and to TempForce for finding us such a great candidate!”

It didn’t take long for Brandon’s temporary job story to turn into a Staffing Success Story as he was offered a permanent job in June. We’re proud to extend Brandon this nomination for our Top Talent of 2016 Award! Check our Facebook page on Friday to see who won!