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Xavier Embry

Meet Xavier Embry! Xavier’s success is not just an inspiring story. It’s also a story about inspiration. He’s climbed to many different leadership positions since we placed him as an assembly worker at one of Alabama’s top cabinet manufacturers way back in 2012. And he owes his success to his ability to motivate and encourage everyone around him.

Right now, Xavier is the Receiving Supervisor, managing his team as they receive, store and distribute the plant’s incoming materials.

It’s an important job – the first step in the production process! But in 2012, he started on the assembly line, building cabinets as a “temp.” He became a Line Lead on Night Shift, worked Continuous Improvement, and finally was promoted to Production Supervisor. Xavier has been a Supervisor for about 2 and a half years at this point.

For Xavier, being a supervisor is about more than “maintaining personnel.” It’s about people. At a large manufacturer, Xavier says that you learn to deal with all types of personalities, but that’s also the best thing about his job. “Some of the things they say, and do… really make your day.”

And it sounds like Xavier really makes the day of the people he works with. Even the really hard days (or the really hot ones).

He communicates with a can-do attitude, putting the pressure on in the right way… even when the team falls short of their goal: he pushes his team to keep trying, “whether we succeed, or we fail; and if we fail, let’s put a plan together to succeed!”

The one word he would use to describe his work style? It isn’t dedicated or hardworking or any of the usual suspects. It’s energetic. “You have to love what you do,” Xavier explains. “I’m always somewhere making someone laugh, making someone get up and do something. I’m just that person to say, ‘Get involved, and let’s go.’ ”

As for his proudest moment, there have been a lot. He’s traveled to all of the company’s many manufacturing worksites, helping to start projects and participate in events at every plant. He’s received 5 Presidential Leadership Awards, and is working on his Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt – with a Black Belt on the way. He’s worked here for four years, and he says he’s never missed a day.

Our proudest moments are when we see him leading and inspiring our current temporary employees, motivating them to put in the work and start their own success stories.

Xavier is being considered for our 2016 Impact Award. Check our Facebook page on Friday at NOON to see who won!