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Nick Hays

Meet Nick Hays! When you’re working in logistics, being told you’re dependable is one of the highest compliments there is. And that’s the one word that Nick Hays’ supervisor would use to describe Nick. Along with efficient, respectful, on time… and an all-around great employee!

Nick started with TempForce in March 2016 as a Forklift Driver. In his previous line of work, Nick had led a team at a commercial printing company, where forklift operation was just one of his many duties.

So we matched Nick a great Calhoun County logistics and transportation company with a reputation for a quality work environment, and a close-knit employer-employee family. He caught on quickly, expanded on his forklift experience and really flourished in a new industry!

On his Forklift, Nick loads orders, helping with shipping, receiving, storage and returns. He helps them transport a variety of Alabama-made products: automotive, cabinetry, and anything else the company houses in the huge two-storied warehouse that is Nick’s domain. 

Nick credits his success to the team he works with. His Plant Manager and co-workers always have a smile on their faces and make it a great atmosphere to work in. Even when they face a shipping issue or a high-pressure situation, Nick says his team leaders never lose their cool, instead calmly working together to keep everything running smoothly.

And Nick does his part to keep the warehouse under control: he says his biggest strength is undertaking every task he’s set as efficiently as possible.


Nick has been a dedicated member of our team for over six months, and we’re proud of the caliber of excellence he’s continued to bring to our client! Nick is being considered for our Top Talent of 2016 Award. Check our Facebook page on Friday to see the winner!