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Health Insurance Plans

TempForce Open Enrollment Health Insurance

Our Indemnity Plan starts at $22.76 Per Week and our NEW Wellness/Preventive* Plan starts at $60.00 Per Month.

*Wellness Plan meets ACA Individual Mandate. Plan Details Below.

Enroll within the first 30 Days of your Assignment Start Date at TempForce, or during the Open Enrollment Period.

Open Enrollment Ends August 29, 2017!

Fixed Indemnity Plan

MEC Wellness/
Preventive Plan


  • Starting at $22.76 per Weekly payroll deduction
  • Medical, Rx, Dental and Vision Benefits
  • Doctor Office Visit Benefit of $100 per Day
  • Wellness Benefit of $100
  • No Pre-existing Condition Limitations
  • No Waiting Period or Deductibles on Medical
  • First Health Network



  • Starting at $60.00 per Month
  • Covers the 63 mandated benefits of Minimum Essential Coverage
  • Eliminates employee Individual Mandate Tax for those enrolled
  • First Health Network
  • Options for Family Coverage
  • Monthly Direct Payment